Diment Law Office offers experienced attorneys who specialize in handling all aspects of divorce proceedings, dissolutions of domestic partnerships and legal separations. These cases can be very complex as well as very emotional for the parties. At Diment Law Office, the attorneys use a hands-on, goal-oriented approach to divorce with the primary focus to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

At Diment Law Office, our attorneys understand that divorce can have a deep and permanent effect on families and children. It is our goal in cases involving children to not only further the interests of our clients but the best interests of the children as well. Our attorneys provide advice to clients regarding how to best insulate children from divorce proceedings, how to avoid common pitfalls in parenting plans, and how to best present a contested case regarding custody and parenting time.

Financially, divorce proceedings range from very simple to extremely complex. The attorneys at Diment Law Office are highly experienced in a wide range of divorce-related property issues including retirements, businesses, inheritance, real properties, bankruptcies, farm properties and other complex financial issues. The attorneys at Diment Law Office are also well-versed with respect to all types of child and spousal support issues.

Diment Law Office takes a practical client- and child-centered approach to divorce. At Diment Law Office, we work very hard for our divorce clients in our approach to divorce cases to get the best results through settlement or in trial.