At Diment Law Office, we provide a variety of services to our business clients, including the following:

Formation & Operation of Business Entities: We can assist you in the selection and registration with the state of the appropriate business entity for your needs, such as a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), or partnership, and then help you get the business operating with necessary documents such as corporate bylaws, buy-sell agreements and other documents relating to corporations; operating agreements and other documents for LLCs; and written agreements for partnerships. We also can provide ongoing services as necessary to assist you in meeting legal requirements and in dealing with changes to your business.

Purchase & Sale Transactions: We can provide advice and recommendations on how to proceed in the purchase or sale of a business, or of a portion of the business, and then prepare necessary documents to help you accomplish your goals while protecting your interests.
Contracts and Agreements: We are experienced in preparing a wide variety of contracts and agreements used in business. We will meet with you to discuss your circumstances and then provide the documentation that meets your needs. We also will review contracts presented to you by others and advise you on negotiating favorable terms.

Disputes & Litigation: We can advise you on your rights and obligations under legal agreements and assist you in resolving disputes. We also represent clients who are parties in arbitrations and court proceedings arising out of business matters.