Domestic Relations/ Family Law

Diment Law Office has attorneys who specialize in the areas of domestic relations and family law. Our experience includes all aspects of paternity, divorce, property distribution, child custody, parenting time enforcement, child support, spousal support and post-judgment modifications. We know that divorce and custody cases often have a profound effect on the family and on children, and we are dedicated to providing thoughtful, sensitive and excellent representation for our clients. Our attorneys have over 80 years of combined legal experience and are highly capable at handling collaborative or highly contested family law matters.

In addition to the aspects related to children, there are often complicated financial issues which need to be resolved in domestic relations matters. At Diment Law Office, we are well-versed in the law with respect to support issues and division of property, including businesses, marital homes, retirement and pension accounts. Our firm maintains strong relationships with accountants, actuaries, business appraisers and financial advisers which allows us to get more accurate and beneficial results for clients, even those with the most extensive and complex marital estates.

We manage each case on an individual basis while utilizing our past experience to avoid the pitfalls that parties can fall into during divorce and modification proceedings. We are especially sensitive to the issues which can affect children and are able to advise clients on how to assist children to move through a divorce proceeding with as little stress as possible.

Our representation of family law clients includes divorce, child support modifications, administrative hearings, child custody cases, parenting time enforcement, spousal support modifications, visitation rights, restraining orders (FAPAs) and stalking order hearings.