Diment Law Office assists clients in all aspects of child custody and parenting time cases. These cases arise both in divorce matters and in the setting of divorce proceedings where unmarried parents seek to define custody and parenting rights with respect to children, to establish child support, and to ensure safety of children while in the care of the other parent. Our experienced counsel help clients not only understand the procedure and range of outcomes in custody and parenting time cases, we also help clients take a child-centered approach to these matters which is not only strategically beneficial, but also puts the best interest of the child at the forefront. While cases are initiated with the goal of settlement, the attorneys at Diment Law Office are experienced trial attorneys with the confidence and skills to take cases to court when necessary.

Custody and parenting time matters have many facets. Including:

  • Decision-making authority for the child
  • Parenting-time schedules
  • Whether third parties will have rights with respect to a child
  • Rules for parenting time
  • Safeguards for drug and alcohol use by a parent
  • The rights of either parent to relocate with the child
  • Child Support
  • Health Insurance Coverage for the child