At Diment Law Office, we provide legal services to clients who are contractors and to clients who are dealing with contractors in the following matters:

Contracts: The best way to avoid contractor-owner problems in a construction project is to draft a contract that clearly states each party’s rights and obligations. We can assist you in preparing a contract which includes terms consistent with your desires and needs, and also terms which protect your interests.

Construction Disputes: We can provide advice and recommendations on how to negotiate resolution of disputes that arise under construction contracts so that you can focus your time and resources on the project itself rather than spending time and money engaging in a dispute.

Construction Liens: We have experience in preparing and filing construction liens on behalf of contractors, and in defending construction liens on behalf of owners.

Litigation and Administrative Proceedings: We can represent you as a party in a lawsuit involving a construction project, or in an administrative proceeding before the Oregon Construction Contractors Board.